Anita L. Reid

Raised on a farm in the mid-west as one of nine children, it was important to use you hands and imagination to create.
Both of my grandmothers were artists in their own right by sewing clothes and quilts. My Mother made her patterns to sew clothes for her nine children out of feed and seed bags. I was always amazed what Mom could do with those pieces of material.
She once told me that art was a form of story telling and that one could look at a tree and see something there that maybe someone else would not see.
So I took all those lessons from years of watching, helping and creating and have applied it to my paintings and photographs. What I see may not be what you see, but it is interesting to me that you look at it and wonder with curiosity if I wanted you to see what you are seeing.
When I paint a tree, I want you to see that tree. When I paint a portrait, I want you to see what the person’s personality is. When I paint scenery I want you to feel a part of that scene. The beauty of art is people see different meanings from the same piece.

I live in Carrollton, Ga. I am married and have two daughters and 7 Grand Children. I love my family. They really are the only things we leave in life.

1946 – 1958 4-H. Member plus leaders assistance.
1975 – 1979 Printing classes through Holy Family College Night classes Philadelphia, Pa.
1976 – 1980 Private class in Ceramics. Philadelphia, Pa.
1981 – 1983 Private class in Porcelain Doll making. Fayetteville, GA
1981 – 1984 Clayton Jr. College Night school for Graphic Design in computers. College Park Ga.
1983 – 1984 Xerox private classes for Graphics. Atlanta, GA.
Several private classes in Watercolor and Oils. GA
Self taught in several mediums.

Selected Awards
1955-1955 State Grand Champion in dressmaking.
1956-1956 State Champion in Plaster of Paris
1956-1956 County Grand Champion in dressmaking
1956–1957 County Grand Champion in Modeling
1958-1958 Winner of School Logo Contest Used in all sports, rings.
1958-1958 County Grand Champion in dressmaking
1958-1958 County Grand Champion in needlework
1958-1958 State Grand Champion in dressmaking
1958-1958 State Grand Champion in needlework
1976 Winner Angelo Brothers Logo contest (Still used)
1982 Designer of printer Logos for Burroughs Computer

Public Art
Painted Wall Mural in Carrollton, Ga for Karrying Baby and customer in Kennasaw, Ga
Designed Curtains for customer in Carrollton GA
Designed web pages for several Companies in Atlanta, GA.
Created Logo’s and business cards for several companies.
Designed and drew the plans for our current home.


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