October 13, 2007


Notes And Things Found

Just Lots Of Interesting Things

This page is interesting things that I have found while going through Mom and Dad's things. Some of it is extremely interesting to read. As I go through the boxes I will be posting on this page a lot. So check in once in awhile to see if I have added anything.

I get teary eyed at some things I find. It takes me time to get it done and posted because it is so very interesting that I tend to open to many of the boxes and then get overwhelmed. This is the history. As I go through these things I realize that Mom and Dad were really close and also they both were extremely talented people. We knew Dad was good with his hands because of the work he did in the house, but Mom was really a great Artist. I think we forget to realize that because she was always so busy cooking, washing, sewing, cleaning, gardening, raising flowers, birds, dogs and kids. Some of her work in posted on this page.

While visiting with Bridget a couple years back I happen to see a book on one of her tables and picked up and read it. Bridget was fortunate to be around Mom and Dad while they were sick and she was able to ask lots of questions we all would have loved to ask. The Books are A Gift of Memories from Grandpa Ed and Grandma Lucie. These are really wonderful to have. Thanks to Bridget for typing them up. It sure did save me a lot of time. I have also posted a blank one with just the questions in it. Any of you wish to be interviewed, get one of your kids to do it or better yet one of your Grandchildren. Also make sure they record it while you are doing it. They will then be able to put that on a CD and it can be saved for generations. Document. That is important. Enjoy reading.

I have also started to put PDF files out here in book form.You can now print the pages but not from these files because they are compressed and the they will not be clear. However at a small cost (disk + shipping) I will be happy to send the full files for you to print. Then after printing them put them into plastic inserts in a binder and you to can have this for you grandchildren. I will be adding to these books as I go through the boxes. When I do I will put a update on each book. This way you will be able to tell if you need to pull the new PDF files and print what you do not have. If you should find an error, please let me know so that I can correct it and notified all of the correction.

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PDF Files

Things found in Cigar Boxes

Letters Written to Ed Rolenc from Kids

Ed & Lucie Report Cards

Letter from Grandma Farmer about William

Lucie's notes to WWII Servicemen

These do not need Adobe Reader.

Just click on them.

A Gift of Memories from Grandpa Ed

A Gift of Memories from Grandma Lucie

Blank Copy of Questions

Mom's Card

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Date Updated: October 13, 2007