A Gift of Memories from Grandpa or Grandma


From Grandma or Grandpa memory album...the first person story of Grandma or

Grandpa early years.  A Gift that will be a Family Treasure.  (An interview

with Grandma or Grandpa on Childhood)


"Were you named after someone, and why did they give you that name?"

Full Name:         

Father  Name:             




Mother  Name:   




"How old was your mom when you were born, and were you the youngest of her children?"

"Who did they say you looked like, Grandpa?"

"Did you ever have a nickname?"

"Where were you born, Grandpa?"








Eye color:

Hair color: 


"Did you have any brothers or sisters, and what are their names and birth


"Did you ever fight with your brothers and sisters? 

Who treated you the nicest, and who the worst?"

"Did you have to share your room and things?"


Grandpa Growing Up:

"What was the best birthday you ever had?  Why?"

"Grandpa, can you remember your favorite birthday present?"

"How much did the tooth fairy leave you for a tooth?"

"How old were you when you got an allowance and how much was it?"

"How did your parents punish you?  Did they spank you?  Who was more strict?"

"What was the naughtiest thing you ever did?"

"What were your favorite games and toys?"

"What games or sports did your mom and dad play with you?"

"Did you ever go sledding, skiing or skating?  What sports did you like?"

"Did you get to stay up as late as you wanted to, and watch TV or listen to

the radio or records?"

"Did you ever argue about your bedtime?"

"Grandpa, did you ever go to the hospital?  Did you have stitches or break

any bones?"

"Were you scared of doctors or shots?"

"What kind of transportation did you have?  Did you ever ride in a plane,

bus, train, or boat?  What else?"

"Did you ever run away from home, or just hide from your mom and dad?  Why?"

"Where was your favorite place to go when you were angry?"

"What chores did you have to do?"

"When you were given money, what did you spend it on...toys, candy, etc.?

 What could you buy for a quarter?"

"Did you have a pet, and what was it’s name?"

"Grandpa, what did you like most about your best friend?  Did you have fights

and secrets?"

"Did kids ever tease you?  Was there a bully who picked on you?"


Grandpa’s Home When He Was Small:

"What did your house look like, Grandpa?"

"How big was your yard?”

"How many rooms did it have?  Did it have an attic or a creepy room that

scared you?"

"What kind of appliances did you have to cook with, wash clothes and light

the house?"

"How big was your room, Grandpa, and what did it look like?"

"Could you keep it messy if you wanted?"

"How many people lived at your house?"

"How did you keep your house warm in the winter and cool in the summer?"

"What was your favorite thing tin the whole house?  Do you still have it?"


Grandpa’s Celebrations:

"What did you usually do on Thanksgiving?"

"Was your mom a good cook?  What did she make best?"

"Did you live where they had snow?  Did you make snowmen?"

"Did you chop wood or help with Christmas preparations?"

"Do you remember a special gift you made for someone?

"Did Santa come to your house?"

"Did you ever see or talk to him?"

"Did you hang your stockings, and what did Santa leave in them?"

"Did you have a tree?  How did you decorate it?"

"What did you usually do on Christmas?"

"Did you make cards to give on Valentines Day?"

"Did you ever give flowers or candy to a girls?"

"Did the Easter Bunny ever leave you a basket?  Did you have an egg hunt?"

"Grandpa, did your family have a picnic on the fourth of July?"

"Did you have firecrackers or sparklers?"

"Did you dress up on Halloween?  Did you ever make your own costume?"

"Did you have a party or play tricks on anyone?"

"Were you ever scared of ghosts or witches?"

"What traditions did your family have?  Did you have any ethnic


"Did you ever have a big family reunion?"


School Years:

"What schools did you go to Grandpa?"

"High School?"


"Did you get good grades?"

"What subjects did you like?"

"Which ones did you hate?"

"Did you walk to school, or ride a bus?"

"Did you ever tease your teachers, or play jokes on them?"

"Grandpa, did you ever play hooky?"

"Were you ever on a school team?"

"What sports did you participate in or watch?"

"Did you get lots of homework from your teachers?"


Places I’ve Visited:

"Did you ever travel by train or airplane?"

"Grandpa, what was your favorite trip?"

"Did you ever go on family vacations when you were young?"

"Did you go fishing or swimming?"

"What was the longest distance you went on a trip?"

"Did you ever take a trip by yourself?  Did you get lonesome?"

"Did you go to the State Fair or amusement park?"


Grandpa’s Teenage Years:

"How old were you when you learned to drive?"

"Did you have your own car?"

"Did your parents ever ground you?  What for?"

"What did you and your friends do on weekends?"

"Did you ever get into trouble with your friends?  What happened?"

"What did you think about most as a teenager?"

"What time did you have to be home at night?"

"How old were you when you started dating?  Did you ever have a girl turn you

down when you asked her for a date?  How did you react and feel?"

"How did you feel when you met your date’s parents?

"Who is the girl you remember the most?"


When Grandpa and Grandma Were Dating:

"Where did you first meet Grandma?  How old were you both?"

"Were you serious from the start, or did you still date other girls?"

"Where did you take Grandma on your first date?  What was she like?"

"What was your favorite place to take her on a date?"

"Did your parents like her right away?"

"Did you ever have a big fight with her while you were dating?"

"When did you ask Grandma to marry you?  Where were you?"

"What was her first answer to your proposal?"

"What was your wedding like?  When and where was it?"

"Did anything funny happen that day?"

"Did you have a honeymoon?  Where did you go?"

"Where did you and Grandma first live?  Where was your first job?"

"What was the worst job you ever held?  Did you ever help around the house?"

What is your favorite funny story about the first year you were married?

"When and where were your children born?"


Tell Me About My Mom:

"What was my mom like as a baby?  Cute?  Cranky?"

"Did my mom get into any mischief and get spanked?

"What chores did my mom have to do?  Did you give an allowance?"

"Did my mom behave in school and get good grades?"

"What things did my mom like to do best?"

"Did my mom keep a clean room?"

"Did my mom ever do something special or surprise you to make you happy or


"What will you always remember most about my mom?"


Grandpa’s Best Ideas:

"If you could spend a week doing anything you wanted, what would it be?"

"Grandpa, if you could, which age of your life would you most like to

re-visit, and why?"

"If you were elected President, what two things would you do for our county?"

"What do you feel is the most significant industrial change to happen in your



Grandpa’s Favorites:











Ice Cream: 




Favorite Tales:

"Can you remember any funny stories about family members?"

"Is there a family trait?"


As Time Goes By...

"What fads do you remember best?"

"Grandpa, what did you want to be when you grew up?"

"Is there anything you’ve always wanted to do, but haven’t?"

"Who are the people who influenced you most?  Why?

"How did you feel when you first learned you were a Grandpa?"

"What did you think when you first say us?"

"What advice do you have for us?"


When Grandpa was Born...   (Examples)


*  Robert E. Peary expedition is first to reach the North Pole.

*  Congress prohibited importing of opium except for medical use.

*  President: Theodore Roosevelt and Vice President: Charles W. Fairbanks

*  Sharing a Birthday with George Washington (1732), Robert Young (1907),

Eddie Albert (1908)

*  People Grandpa’s age...Errol Flynn, Barry Goldwater, Benny Goodman, and

Kate Smith.

*  The population of the USA was 90,490,000

*  A three bedroom home cost $2,575.

*  Average income was $518 per year.

*  A new Ford car was $950.

*  One dozen eggs cost 32 cents.

*  One loaf of bread cost 5 cents.

*  One 1/2 gallon of milk cost 32 cents.




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