Farm Family of the Week

"1953 - WOW TV Omaha, Nebraska"




This page is dedicated to Mom and Dad (Lucie Farmer & Ed Rolenc). They were choosen as Farm Family of the Week in 1954. These pictures were used on the show.

(Please note that I am also missing two pictures. I will come across them and when I do I will post them on this page.)

Farm Family Pictures


Below is the audio from the Farm Family of the Week WOW TV show from Omaha, Nebraska. We are all on it including Bridget who screamed the whole time. Mom and Dad are very clear on it.

Click on Tractor for side one of old 78 record. Be patience and let it load.......

Click tractor to start side two


I have also included a text file of papers Mom filled out to get The Annual Nebraska Honor Farm Family Award in 1955. She didn't get it but was interesting reading. Makes you understand what hard working parents we had and how they worked together as a team to make it work. Go to the below file and read it. Very interesting.

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Now some of you remember lots of things about the "Big Red Barn". Well here is the rest of the story that appeared in The Banner Press paper Dated July 12, 1962. Fun reading.


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Here are some notes back about the farm. Would you like to share yours?

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Updated: August 23, 2007