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Mom received a letter back from the Sunday Journal and Star, Lincoln, Nebraska.  Dated November 5, 1955.  It read as follows:

Mr. And Mrs. Edward Rolenc

Ulysses, Nebraska

Dear Mr. And Mrs. Rolenc:

As we notified you in a previous letter you were nominated for consideration in our Honor Farm Family Award.

We have not received you General Information blank as yet.

This is just a reminder that it must be in by November 13 and we are hoping that you will allow your family to be considered.

Sincerely yours,

Dale Griffing

Sunday Editor


Mom, Lucie Farmer Rolenc wrote this to the Sunday Journal and Star for The Annual Nebraska Honor Farm Family Award in 1955.  In 1953 the family was chosen Farm Family of the Week and was on WOW TV in Omaha.  I have not found papers on that, but this found and I thought you would all like to read what she wrote.


We moved on a rented farm in Polk County in 1934.  We lived there one year.  We bought 160 acres in Polk County in 1935.  We lived there four years.  We lost that farm because of a drought.  We then rented three quarters in Butler County in 1939.  We lived there for 5 years.  We then bought this farm in 1944.  We had our machinery paid for at that time.  We paid for this farm in 5 years.  We bought 8 brown Swiss heifers in 1943.  They were just little bucket calves.  We have 30 head of good cattle we raised from those calves.  We sell calves, steers and cows and try to hold a herd of about 30 head.

We can or freeze all we can from our own garden.  We butcher and freeze around 2000 lbs of meat every year and can and freeze 750 to 800 qt. Of fruit and vegetables.  We make around 200 glasses of jelly from wild fruit picked from around the river each year.

We rotate and practice seeding to rebuild our soil ever since we bought this farm.  Mr. Rolenc spends all spare time cleaning out trees and underbrush and filling in draws.  Many, many loads of soil were moved into the yards and around the buildings with just a scrapper and tractor by Mr. Rolenc.  About 160 acres of farm were completely covered with sunflowers and cockleburs.  A sprayer was bought and the weeds are completely under control now by spraying.

The home has been completely remodeled and has just had the outside painted.  It has a new roof put on it.  With the help of Mrs. Rolenc, Mr. Rolenc has put new walls and changed the woodwork in the kitchen and sinning room.  He also made a nice cupboard and magazine shelved out of an old dumb waiter in the dining room.  A small screened in porch was enclosed and shelves put on the walls.  It serves as a greenhouse for Mrs. Rolenc, who has a hobby of collection of violets, geraniums and gloxinias, which she enjoys raising and giving to her fiends.  A very poor north porch was rebuilt and enlarged and made into a large utility room with tile covered floor and guilt in cupboards.   Mr. Rolenc built all this out of old lumber.  The living room floor was re-nailed and tiled and one wall was opened and built into shelves, which hold pictures and hand painted figurines, another hobby of the family.  The yard was all leveled off and seeded into a nice lawn.  Shrubs and trees were set out.  There is a nice flower garden with a boarder of perennials and the rest of annuals.  South of the house is a large garden.  Last year the family raised and sold over 400 qts of strawberries, besides freezing 100 qt and eating a good number of fresh berries every day.   Several more qts were made into jam.  The yard was fenced in.

An extra set of buildings on the place were all torn down except the house which was moved into the yard and made into a handy double garage and work shop by Mr. Rolenc.  A broader house was resided.  All the old lumber was used in rebuilding.

Mrs. Rolenc raised and sold canaries.  The profit of which paid for putting water and a bathroom in the house.  Mr. 7 Mrs. Rolenc dug a well in the basement of the house, by hand.  This well has furnished all the water for the house since.  Electricity was put in; Mr. Rolenc put in the majority of switches and plug-ins.  A heating system was put in also.

All new line fences were put in. On account of the water level drop with the drought we were forced to dig another well 80 ft. deep.  This was dug by hand is ready for piping.

Mr. Rolenc is a County Committeeman of the Farm Home Administration.  We are member of the Immaculate Conception Catholic Church of Ulysses.  We are members of the Home and School Association of St. Mary’s Catholic School of David City where our children go to school.  The family was chosen as Farm Family of the Week and appeared on WOW TV.

Mrs. Rolenc with the help of Miss Cynthia E. Payne, Butler Co. Home Extension agent gave a demonstration of Simple Carpentry on KUON TV.  Mrs. Rolenc has been a 4-H leader for the Merry Workers Club for 8 years and was chosen by Mr. George Garrison, Butler County Agent to attend two 4-H leader conventions in Lincoln.  Mrs. Rolenc is a member of the Altar Society and has served as president and was chairmen for the annual Easter supper menu.  Mrs. Rolenc with the help of a friend gave a demonstration of yeast rolls to a large number of ladies at the Extension meeting and also at Altar Society.  Mrs. Rolenc has bee a member of the Ulysses Extension Club for 8 years and Vice President this year and will be President next year.

Each member of the family has their own chores to do after school.  Each child has one hour to do his home studying and one hour for music.  Mrs. Rolenc helps the little ones with their lessons.  Mrs. Rolenc does all the family laundry and has never bought any laundry soap, but makes it fall from waste grease and rendered tallow from butchering.  Nearly all the bread is home made.  Mrs. Rolenc does all the family sewing except what the 4-H girls do.  Mrs. Rolenc gives all the haircuts and home permanents.  The family does all the farm work.  Mr. Rolenc puts 40 acres of alfalfa hay all alone in stacks with a stacker mounted on his tractor.  The family milks an average of 12 cows by hand, each day.  The buildings are arranged handy and close.

All sale slips are kept from grain, cream, hay, cattle or any other products sold.  The money is deposited in the bank and bills are paid by marked checks.

Working together with your family.  Taking part in school, church and community activities.  Making use of your County Extension Office.

The feed, horses, cattle and machinery we had was valued at about $500.00 and we had $80.00 cash when we started farming.  Now we have our farm paid for.



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