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I am attempting to put family information with the files to your left. These files are only a portion of the files I am working on. If you would like to add or correct some of the files, please do not hesitate to email or mail me the information and I will update it.

I consider these files living files because they are worked on constantly. I am still in search of many of the family members and constantly update my files. I will periodically redo them and upload them to this page. REMEMBER if you are a part of this family tree I would be more than happy to update your files. This truly is what we will leave our children and it will eventually be put on a CD. Research is what takes so time consuming and it always help to find a body that is willing to give you information to save you time on other research. It has been a lot of fun and it never stops because your children and mine are having children and those kids will have kids, etc.
The Codr file is very incomplete, however Ken Chormy on the link page has a very updated version.
The Rolenc file is being worked on and I will update it every now and then. I will notify you when that is done.
The Farmer/Girard file is also being worked on, however could use lots of help from a lot of the families, including my own.
The Reid/Rigley file is also being worked on. Problem is no time. I figure once I get this page perfected I may have more time to do more on the Reid's. Old saying: Bakers kids have no bread. Well the Reid file which I should work on has no time or bread!
There are a lot of people in these files. Maybe I will get lucky and someone will come across their name and help me out. I can dream can't I?
Just a little tidbit. In all the files there is a card for each person. If you click on the name a sheet will come up. If you want to add information to that sheet, let me know and I will do so.
Have fun with this page. I will be adding constantly on it. It is fun to see what 8 people produced and this is only on one side of each of our families now. AND it is not complete........
Want to know about me. Go to any of the Family Card files and click on Rolenc and then on Anita Louise Marie. Its all there.
Thank you Jean, Joan, Michaelene and Bridget. You are the ones who keep me doing this. Also thanks to Rita, Mary Jo, Edward, Daniel for being part of the Family. I thank God everyday for all of you!

Mom and Dad would be so proud of all of you and your children and their children.

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Reid Ancestry Cards (under construction)
Updated March 19, 2006