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Neat Places to Visit on Internet

Updated: January 14, 2010

My Sister inspired me to put this page on my site. She has a home page which I have listed here.

I will update this page as we find more and more interesting places to visit.

Enjoy visiting. If you have a site you would like to have posted, let me know and I will be glad to add it to this page.


























(Back to TOP) My Sisters Home Page. She really did great. In fact I copied her Link setup page. She helps me a lot and it is always appreciated. Thanks Sis! Great place to find family Atlanta News and Area News Learn about my home town. When I put in the Big Red Barn Story this site put a link to my page. How wonderful the Lucie Rolenc Story on the Big Red Barn is now on the big wide web. Good old David City, Nebraska Omaha World Herald Lincoln Journal Star The city we live in now Really fun place to visit Mary Rolenc, Jon Rolenc,Sr's sister is part of this family. Great page and lots of history. Another Great Butler Co. Page This is where you go to find birth and death certificates This is the Reunion Version 8 for Macitosh Software used to do the Wed Cards that appear in the page Ancestry Cards. Great Software. Do you know any of these guys Friend, Florence McLaughlin sends me some great sites. This one is great for kids Another Florance McLaughlin site and it is really fun to look around on this site This guy has his own radio show. He is a great place for learning how to save money and also SCAMS Cheap Airline Tickets. Great site. Can't find it, try here This is a great place to look for real bargins. Use it a lot. Jesse and my favorite place to visit A Philadelphia connection. Fun reading local news I will become a bag lady. Love Maui. This is a great place to visit in Georgia Guy I listen to in the morning. Sometimes he can make you really mad. Most of the time I agree with him. Sean Hannity of Fox. Good page Bill O'Reilly the man who claims no spin on Fox News Neat site If you want to see what you should or shouldn't eat. Great site if you ever were a Weight Watcher. Photo Club in Carrollton, Ga. Great Group and learning lots. Newnan -Coweta Art Association. Great Association Mac lovers page!