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1957 - 1958 - 1959 - 1960 - 1961


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153 Kids graduated from St. Mary's School. Out of 5 Classes. Faculty for the 5 years is at a count of 25. However I did not have the 1959 year books. So if their is anyone from the Class of 1959 that can help out on making sure we have all of your Classmates listed and also need the Faculty.

Our Mothers & Fathers sacrificed for us to attend the school. The faculty was part of our families. St. Mary's High School was the start of something even bigger for David City, Nebraska. We were all a part of that.

Inside Cover of 1957 Year Book. Anyone know who Drew it?


Rosalee DeWispelare
Jerold Birkel
Susan Birkel
Zita Birkel
Kenneth Dill
Johan Havlovic
Jo Ann Hein
Donald Jauranek
William Jones
Cecilia Kelso
Patricia Kriz
Thomas Medinger
William Meysenburg
Thomas Peters
Kenneth Pohl
James Polak
William Riha
Robert Roh
Janice Snell
Wayne Smith
Dennis Supancheck
Adrian Svoboda
Margery Svoboda
Marilyn Tomek
James Wittulski (D) September 13, 2006


James Chmelka
Robert Max Coufal
Eileen Dehner
Robert Ekeler
Richard Gans
Kathleen Helgoth
Mary Lou Helgoth
Mary Lou Hamsa
Janice Hilger
Judith Kosch
Jeanette Koza
Marvin Marushak
Charles Oborny
Lyla Kay Polak
Virginia Polak
James Puetz
Kenneth Rech
Eugene Reisdorff
Edwin Rejda
Anita Rolenc Reid
Jerome Rumery
Jo Ann Samek
Loreen Supancheck
Barbara Steiner
Jean Theewen
Shirley Turner
Jeanette Urbanek Koch (D) June 20, 2000
Peter Zegers


Donna Cermak
Pauline Cermak
Donald Chmelka
Elizabeth Cockson
David Birkel
Constance Danaher
David Dunning
Mary Dworak
Mary Katherine Hanus
Edward Hein
Rita Homan
Dorothy Hunt
Loretta Janak
George Jones
Rose Klein
Marie Kobza
Mary Ann Kozisek
Kenneth Knott
Arthur Mastera
Joseph Ostry
William Puetz
Gordon Ratkovec
Clara Rerucha
Delores Rerucha
Grace Rerucha
Janice Rerucha
Elizabeth Samek
Nancy Schlentz
Susan Schlentz
Edward Simodynes
Dennis Soukup
Gerald Svoboda
Mary Jane Urbanek
Ronald Varner
Margaret Zegers
Arlene Zimmerman


Louise Anderly
Theresa Bartholome
Doris Birkel
Joyce Brannen
Carole Chubb
Eldon Coufal (Graduated in Ulysses, Ne)
Adrian Hein
Jerome Helgoth
Lawrence Juranek
Dale Kerkman
John Kirby
Delores Kouba
Orletha Kozisek
Shirley Kucera
Loren Kuzelka
Virginia Loftus
Susan Medinger
Elizabeth Meysenburg
Mary Jo Meysenburg
Michael Murphy
Marlene Osmera
Duaine Patocka
James Roh
Edward Rolenc
Karen Shorney
Lea Ann Smith
Donald Supancheck
Gilbert Theewen
Sandra Vanderheiden
Phyllis Zegers
Alice Zegers


Frank Brabec
JoAnn Cockson
Wilbur G. Coleman
Douglas Eiting
Charles Ekeler
Robert Hain
Eileen Homan
Anna Marie Karel
Dennis Kirby
Ann Mick
Noreen Medinger
Frances Oborny
Patricia Platz
Leonard Prochaska
Daniel Reisdorff
Carolyn Roh
Judith Snell
Robert Stava
Gerald Thomas
William Voboril
Gerald Votava
Patricia Ward


Sister Mary Agnes Therese (57, 58)
Sister Mary Amelia (57, 58, 59)
Sister Mary Anastasia Jilg (61) (D)
Sister Mary Bernard Koett (57) (D)
Reverend Michael S. Danko (58, 59) (D) February 27, 2010
Sister Mary Evangeline (60, 61)
Sister Mary Gabriel Diller (60, 61) (D)
Sister Mary Gregory Stites (57, 58) (D)
Father Raymond B. Hain (60, 61)
Father William A. Kalin (61)
Father Charles E. Kelliher (60, 61)
Father Kelly (60)
Reverend Verness B. Ketter (57, 58, 59)
Monsignor Lisko (57, 58, 59, 60, 61) (D)
Reverend Conrad Marrama (57, 58, 59, 60, 61) (D)
Sister Mary Phyllis Marnell (57, 58) (D)
Eugene H. Pillen (57, 58, 59, 60, 61) (D)
Reverend John Prachar (57) (D)
Sister Mary Remiglia (57,58, 59)
Sister Mary Rosalia (59)
Reverend Ernest Sloup (57) (D)
Father Stoeckinger (60, 61)
Sister Mary Sylvia (59, 60)
Sister Mary Theophane
Sister Mary Victorine Weber (60) (D)
Sister Mary Vincentia (57, 58)

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