St. Mary's High School - David City, Nebraska
Anita Rolenc Reid - Class of 1958
Mailing Address
127 Tammy Lane
Carrollton, GA  30117

Phone Number: 770-830-7936

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Wed Page:

Marital Status: Married October 10, 1960 Immaculate Conception Church Ulysses, Nebraska

Name of Spouse: Hugh J. Reid

Kids Names and Ages: Jean Marie Reid O'Neill (1962) - Married Daniel J. O'Neill (1986) Karrie (Jane) Reid Crow (1968) - Divorced in 2002 - Married Tony Crow (2002)

Grandkids Names and Ages: Siobhan O'Neill (1987) Daniel J. O'Neill, Jr. (1993) Hugh R. O'Neill (1996) Joshua Dorsey (1995) Jesse Dorsey (1999) Meredith Crow (Step - 1992) Andrew "Reid" Crow (Sept. 2004)

Hobbies: GrandChildren, Water coloring, Ceramics, Porcelain Dolls, Quilting, Crocheting, Genealogy, Computer programming, Traveling

Education: Took Computer Programming and courses in Math. Clayton Jr. College, GA.

Occupation, Company: St. Elizabeth Hospital, Lincoln, NE Carolton Plastics, Sears, Kendrick Ortho, Goodway Inc., Angelo Bros. - Philadelphia, PA. Burroughs, Xerox, Mohawk Carpet, Jostens Learning - Atlanta, GA.

Favorite St. Mary's Memories: The first day we had Father Danko in our Home Room. The snow ball fight that broke a window. Ink in the hallway. Sister Phyllis. My Mom making sure that Monsignor Lisko, Father Ketter, Sister Phyllis had the first and last say! The Basketball and Football games. The kids!

What I have been doing since High School: Raising my family and watching them grow into really nice people. Traveling anytime we can. Working to stay ahead of the game. Hugh and I have been very fortunate. We have our health and were both able to retired before we really had to. It is great to be able to spend time with our kids and grand-children. Our oldest lives in Pennsylvania and the youngest lives 1 1/2 mile away from us. Doing my Genealogy has been a blast. I stay busy with my art projects. My daughter and I were co-owners in a Maternity store for about 5 years. Life has been interesting and rewarding. The Reid, O'Neill, Dorsey, Crow Family 2005 Standing: Josh Dorsey, Meredith Crow, Siobhan O'Neill, Danny O'Neill, Hughie O'Neill Setting: Anita holding Reid Crow, Hughie holding Jesse Dorsey

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