St. Mary's High School - David City, Nebraska
Bill (William) Puetz - Class of 1959
Mailing Address
16106 Grover Street 
Omaha,  NE  68130

Phone Number: 402-334-3550 Home Phone 402-679-2553 Cell Phone

Email Address:

Marital Status: Married Patricia Higgins, September 1972

Name of Spouse: Pat

Kids Names and Ages: David Puetz born 1976 age 28
Matt Puetz born 1978 age 26
Ben Puetz born 1979 age 25

Grand Kids Names and Ages: Not applicable as the boys appear to be like me. Slow starters!

Hobbies: Golf, hunting, fishing, old cars and most spectator sports and being around the boys and our families as much as possible.

Education: Bill: Bachelor of Arts: Business Administration/Economics 1964
Pat: Bachelor of Science: Business Administration/Accounting 1970

College(s) attended: We both graduated from Wayne State College, Wayne, NE

Occupation, Company: Westinghouse Electric: Pittsburgh, PA and Bridgeport CT
Traffic and Shipping Manager and Manufacturing Manager
(4 years)
Frito-Lay, Inc.: Omaha, NE
Zone Personnel Manager Manufacturing
(4 years)
Vishay-Dale Electronics, Inc.: Norfolk, NE
Director of Human Resources and Training
(23 years)
Coleman Powermate, Inc.: Omaha, NE
Vice-President Human Resources and Training
(1.5 years)
Manufacturing Recruiting Services, Inc.: Omaha, NE
Owner and Consultant in Human Resources
(5 years)

Favorite St. Mary's Memories: Too many to list but sports, old cars and just hanging around would top my list.

What I have been doing since High School: After graduating from High School I went to Wayne State College. I didn’t sign up for Wayne State College but since Brother Jim was going there (and we shared the same car) that’s where I ended up. I graduated in 1964 and started my working career in Pittsburgh, PA in January of 1965. I moved to Bridgeport CT. with Westinghouse and stayed there for 4 years. I returned to Nebraska in the spring of 1970 because I was home sick and wanted to be around normal Nebraska folks. I worked for Frito-Lay as a Personnel Manager for 4 years in Omaha, NE. I met Pat Higgins through my younger brother Gary while living in Omaha. Pat and I got married in 1972. My job was about 90% travel with Frito-Lay and as a result I ended up leaving the company and going to work for Dale Electronics in Norfolk, NE. I continued in Human Resources and Pat worked as a Cost Accountant for Gillette Dairy. Once our children were born Pat stayed at home until the boys were in high school. The boys went from kindergarten through High School at the Norfolk Catholic Schools. They were all active in sports throughout these years so we attended tons of games and activities with them. Once the boys were in High School Pat returned to work as a part-time Accountant for a local CPA Firm. After Ben graduated from High School in 1997 we moved to Omaha where I started to work for the Coleman Corporation. David and Ben graduated from UNL. David is currently a 1st Lt. in the Marines and is stationed in Camp Pendelton, CA. Ben works for Applied Underwriters, a California Company, and lives in Omaha. Matt graduated from Hastings College and currently lives in the Denver area and works for DeWolff, Boberg and Associates a Texas Manufacturing Consulting firm. Pat currently works for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Nebraska as a Senior Accountant allowing me to hang around trying to stay out of trouble keeping the house clean, mowing the lawn and all those sort of things.

How did you find out about this website: Dave Birkel and I saw it in the Aquinas News Letter

Comment: Thanks for your hard work and hopefully everyone will get involved over time.

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