St. Mary's High School - David City, Nebraska
Francis R. Pytlik (Frank) - Class of 1961
Mailing Address
155 North Sheridan Ave
Cortland, NE  68331

Phone Number: 402-798-2121

Email Address:

Marital Status: Married December 28, 1966 Name of Spouse: Lea Ann Smith St. Mary's Class of 1960

Kids Names and Ages: Todd Richard (39) Lisa Marie (38) Mary Lea (36) Paul Ryan (33)

Grandkids Names and Ages: Alexandria Pytlik Zillig (9) Liam Pytlik Zillig (6) Skye Free (5) Jaric Free (4) Coral Free (2) Denham Free (1) Maria Pytlik (3)

Hobbies: Woodworking, yard work, rebuilding old cars and trying to finish an always honey do list.

Education: After high school I attended Conception Seminary for one year. Joined the Navy, attended Radar man class A school, attended more schools in the military than I care to list. Attended Lincoln Aviation A & E school, finished with and airframe and power plant license and a private pilot license.

College(s) attended: Conception Seminary, Lincoln Aviation Institute, Military Schools

Occupation, Company: Worked as an A&E Mechanic and Service Manager for Lincoln Aviation until 1976. Went to work for Burlington Northern RR as a Traveling Mechanic. Retired in 2000.

What I have been doing since High School: After high school I went to Conception Seminary for a year but quickly found that being a priest was not what I wanted to do. Joined the Navy, became a Radar man and spent the next four years on Destroyers floating around the South China Sea. After leaving the service, I met and married Lea Ann Smith. We raised four children and now have seven grandkids. I worked for Lincoln Aviation for about 10 years and then went to work as a Traveling Mechanic for BNSFRR. Due to an industrial accident, I was forced to take early retirement. For a while I thought that was the worst thing that could have happened to me. But in a short time I found it was a real blessing. I also spent a combined time of 28 plus years on active duty and in the Navy Reserves. I retired for the military on December 30, 1999. In retirement, Lean Ann and I spend a lot of time with our Grandchildren. Camp as much as we can, tack care of our yard and house and we ar involved in a Christian Peer Ministry called Retrouvaille, which takes much of our time.

How did you find out about this website? (Who told you?): Someone sent Lea Ann a post card with the web address on it.

Question or Comment: We will not be able to attend this reunion. Our youngest daughter is a Missionary for South American Missions and she and her family are presently in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, South American. We will be going there to visit. Since she has been there she has given us a new grandson that we have not been able to visit until now. I've enjoyed this website, Thank you!

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