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Answer as many or as few questions as you like, but make sure you include your name as it was in high school. If you decide to answer some questions later or if you come back to update something, only fill out the portions that need to be added or changed (and your name so I know who it's coming from). If something doesn't apply to you, just leave it blank. When you're done, email it to me.
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1. Your name:(firstname maidenname marriedname)

2. Your mailing address:

3. Your area code and phone number:

4. Your email address: (e.g.,

5. Please double check your email address accuracy!

6. Your web page address:

7. Marital Status: (If married, include the year of your wedding.)

8. Name of spouse:

9. Kids' names and ages:

10. GrandKids' names and ages:

11. Hobbies:

12. What's the highest level of education you've completed? (high school, vocational/technical/professional school, some college, associate degree, bachelors degree, masters degree, doctorate, etc. What was your major?)

13. College(s) attended:

14. Occupation, Company:

15. Favorite St. Mary's memories:

16. What have you been doing since High School?

17. How did you find out about this website? (Who told you?)

18. Question or Comment:

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