St. Mary's High School - David City, Nebraska
Jeanette (Jan) Koza Coufal - Class of 1958
Mailing Address
6919 Morningside Drive 
Sugar Land, TX  77479-6037

Phone Number: 281-343-9991

Email Address: Marital Status: Married, June 23, 1962

Name of Spouse: Max Coufal

Kids Names and Ages: Deborah Jean Kaspar – 41
Leslie Ann Corrigan – 40
Tammy Sue Lee - 36

Grandkids Names and Ages: Nicole Kaspar – 13
Christopher Corrigan – 5
Brandon Lee – 4
Zachary Lee – 20 Months
Hobbies: Love to travel, played a lot of tennis, love to walk and ride my bike, hike when I can and spend as much time with grandkids as possible.

Education: High School, vocational/technical/professional school Secretarial Degree - Lincoln School of Commerce, Lincoln, Nebraska

Occupation, Company: Secretarial Temp, Fluor Daniel Engineering Company, sitting in for secretaries who are on vacation, sick leave, taking classes, etc. 14 years Favorite St. Mary's Memories: The fun we had riding the bus to games, cheerleading, singing in the choir, slumber parties, carpools to and from school from Bruno with the Roh family, JoAnn Riha, throwing snowballs on the schoolground and having to write pages of "I will not throw snowballs on the schoolground", over and over. Dancing at the bakery after games, cruising DC on Sunday afternoons, talking endless hours on the phone about our favorite guys and the close friendships we made during those years at St. Mary's. What I have been doing since High School: I worked in Lincoln for 2 years while attending Lincoln School of Commerce. Max was attending school in Austin, TX, so I moved down there to be close while he finished college at the University of Texas. I roomed with a gal (Leonarda Mireles) from Brownsville at the YWCA for a couple of months until I found work. I learned the fine art of eating jalapenos like pickles living with her and about the Mexican heritage I knew nothing about. She was attending UT also getting her teaching degree. I found a job with the State of Texas Vocational Rehabilitation office in a secretarial pool for 1 year and then worked for the U.S. Department of Agriculture in Austin for another year. Max graduated with a math degree from UT in May and we married at the end of June, 1962 in Bruno, NE. We came down to Houston to look for jobs and stayed with his brotherís family for one month. Max found a job with Humble Oil Company, now Exxon, as a computer programmer. I found a secretarial job at a pipe fabricating company, L. B. Foster. I worked there almost a year before our first daughter, Deborah, was born the following June. We moved into our first house shortly after in the Sharpstown area of Houston, SW, of downtown. I became a stay-at-home Mom until all of our kids went off to college and got married. Leslie was born October 1, 1964 and Tammy was born December 16, 1968. I was very active in our parish, St. Francis de Sales and at the schools the girls attended. All graduated from St. Agnes High School. Debbie got a Teacher of Young Children degree at Stephen F. Austin University in East Texas. In fact, she and her daughter, Nicole, and husband, Danny, have lived there for the last 3 years where Danny is the head coach of the SFAís basketball team. Leslie is an office manager for her husband, Mikeís, flooring business, active in her church with the Gabrielís Project (helping unwed motherís get on their feet) after they have decided not to have abortions. Their son, Christopher, plays soccer and she is usually the team Mom. Tammy and her husband, Todd, have two boys, Brandon & Zachary, and the family is in the fight of their lives to help Zachary, age 1-1/2 put a Wilmís tumor cancer of the kidney into remission. This was discovered in June, which quickly brought surgery with removal of the tumor and kidney. He has had 6 radiations and numerous chemos. They werenít able to put Brandon back into motherís day out so he would not pick up other classmates colds, flu, germs, etc. as Zachary is immune compromised while in chemo. To look at him you would never know he has this disease, but with Godís help and everyoneís prayers, we have a good prognosis. So this keeps Max and I quite busy helping when Zach is in the hospital, getting treatments, or just helping Tammy/Todd so they can get some away time. Thirteen years ago we moved to the Greatwood Subdivision about 15 miles SW from our Sharpstown home. We love our street and the friendships we have made here. We keep in touch with many of our friends we had while our kids were growing up and once a month we (the Ladybugs) lunch and get caught up on news about our families. Our Greatwood group, (the Flamingos) do the same. My Mom lived in an assisted living facility just a couple of blocks from our house for 3 years before she passed away last December at the age of 89. We also helped care for Maxís 102 year old aunt for 3-1/2 years before she passed a year ago July, so we have been able to take a few more trips now that we arenít caretakers right now. Weíve been to Disneyworld, Yosemite, Niagara Falls, Acadia National Park in Maine, Park City, Utah with hopes to drive to Alaska in 2006 and make the islands of Hawaii before our health starts to crumble & fall apart.

Note from Jan: Max & I are retired; thus the long stay in Colorado. We had been caretaking Max’s 102-year-old aunt for 3 years down here in Houston and then we moved my Mom down during this same time as her health was declining also. We lost both of them in 2003. In June of 2004, our youngest grandson, Zachary, was diagnosed with Wilms Tumor, a cancer of the kidney. He was just 1-1/2 at that time. So he had his kidney removed along with a grapefruit sized tumor very quickly after his diagnosis. We spent nine months of agony and fear watching this process which required radiation (4) and 8 months of chemo. He tolerated all of this treatment quite well; lost some of his hair, but now after 6 months and having 2 chest X-rays and ultrasounds, he has had clear scans. For all of you that prayed for him, we are deeply thankful and deeply touched. We thank God each and every day for his health. We welcome the opportunity to help you and yours in prayer when you need it also.

We spent 19 days in Hawaii in May & June which we thoroughly enjoyed; what a beautiful paradise; can almost envision it to be like heaven someday. We are hoping to take a long trip and visit Alaska next year; trying to get in all we can before we start crumbling ourselves.

Thanks again for those that keep in touch with me by email. I love hearing from you about your families and activities. Hopefully, we can make the next reunion; so until we meet again. God Love & Bless each and every one of you. How did you find out about this website: My classmate, Anita (Rolenc) Reid
z z Current picture of our four grandkids. Nicole is a freshman this year, Chris will be 6 and Brandon will be 5 in October. Zachary will be 3 in January.

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