St. Mary's High School - David City, Nebraska
Robert Max Coufal - Class of 1958
Mailing Address
6919 Morningside Drive 
Sugar Land, TX  77479-6037

Phone Number: 281-343-9991

Email Address: Marital Status: Married, June 23, 1962

Name of Spouse: Jeanette (Jan) Koza

Kids Names and Ages: Deborah Jean Kaspar – 41
Leslie Ann Corrigan – 40
Tammy Sue Lee - 36

Grandkids Names and Ages: Nicole Kaspar – 13
Christopher Corrigan – 5
Brandon Lee – 4
Zachary Lee – 20 Months
Hobbies: Not very many. Up until a couple of months ago, my brother, Norm and I played basketball every Tuesday evening. But not too many 65 year-old guys play basketball anymore. I will be retiring at the end of 2004 and I hope to learn how to cook, and want to spend more time with the grandkids.

Education: High School, Four years college

College attended: University of Texas, Austin, Texas

Occupation, Company: Computer Consultant, own company Majaco & Associates, Inc. and prior, Paco Computer Systems, Inc.

What I have been doing since High School: See Jan's Sheet!!!!

How did you find out about this website: My classmate, Anita (Rolenc) Reid

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