St. Mary's High School - David City, Nebraska
Robert Roh - Class of 1957




Left St. Mary's in 1957.

Attended college at St. Benedict's in Atchison, KS, for two years, considering the possibility of going to seminary to be a priest. Went to the seminary in 1959 (Theological College in Washington, D.C.); received a B.A. and M.A. there. In fall of 1962, was sent to North American College in Rome. Remained there for four years, ordained on July 11,1965. Returned to the USA in '66.

First assignment was to Beatrice; then a year as Vocation Director and Mission Director in the chancery office; two years in Hastings; 6 months at Notre Dame; 6 months in Lincoln (Blessed Sacrament) and then back to school work at David City Aquinas from 1972 to 1988. Went to Creighton (part time) in '85, '86 and '87 to receive another MA...this one in educational administration.

In 1988 I was sent to Falls City to be pastor of Sts Peter and Paul Church and superintendent of Sacred Heart School. I'm in my 17th year here.

I'm blessed here with great health and the blessing of really working with good people. I have the great blessing of getting up every day, excited and grateful for the work I can do: pastor, celebrate sacraments, hospital ministry, RCIA, funerals, weddings, marriage counseling, janitorial services, cook, and I teach two classes a day. I love preaching and get a real rush out of being able to touch people's souls with just the right image or translation of the Word read in the Gospel for people's lives.

For free time, I get away to fish as often as I can without a guilty conscience; love being in the woods with my bow waiting for the perfect buck to saunter under my stand; love chasing the wild turkeys that have proliferated by the 100's in Richardson County. I find myself in the printing room a lot with three off-set printers forming a pretty decent print shop...ala 1950 technology (but it is cheap and cost-effective). Do a lot of reading....not enough praying and final hobby is coaching hurdles and pole vault for the schools track teams. My girls have won state PV 5 of the last 6 years and in 16 years, I have 6 state champs in boys PV. Proud of the kids. Have been very successful with hurdlers too.

I'm 65 now....and more and more aware that I won't last forever. Every time I commit a parishioner to the 'dust from which he/she was made,' I think about the day I'll be heading there too.....not morbidly and sadly but with a real sense of destiny and confidence. The Lord has done great things for me; He really has and I am eternally grateful.

The education from the Precious Blood sisters, from Gene Pillen and the priests at St. Mary's has been the foundation of my learning, my self-discipline and my confidence....and most importantly, with the contribution of two of the greatest parents God ever made, my faith that frequently quivers and wavers in the winds blowing against my soul, but in the end, it is always, "To Whom else shall we go, O Lord."

Greetings to all of Knights of St. Mary's that might read this. As you finish, thank the Lord by saying a prayer for the 'the Duke', Sister Phyllis, Sister Remegia, Sister Vincentia (now Elizabeth) and the priests.

Blessings and greetings to you all.
Bob Roh

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